"I have seen Doc Rosen for the past 10 years for monthly maintenance to stay AHEAD of any problems. As a practicing podiatrist and active soccer player and runner I have been less injury prone than my fellow runners and soccer players, even players younger than me!" - Dr Michael C.- D.P.M - Foot Surgeon

"I realize the importance of health maintenance - having regular adjustments & trigger point therapy has kept me neck & back pain free; growing up with scoliosis these were always issues for me but I attribute my ongoing good (spine) health to Dr. Rosen. He has also increased my mobility which I find very helpful as a dancer. In addition to being an excellent chiropractor, Dr. Rosen is a friendly, personable doctor and scheduling an appt with him couldn't be simpler with his streamlined text/email approach. I highly recommend."- Nancy G. MD as a General Practitioner

"I think Dr Rosen is the most gifted Chiropractic doctor in Fairfield county. I am 58 and my back feels great! I build houses, work out 4 times a week, and downhill ski. I suffered with chronic back pain in my 30s and started using chiropractic for relief. I traveled to Stamford, Danbury, Greenwich, Norwalk and Fairfield for treatment before I found the most effective long lasting, and painless adjustments from Dr Rosen.  I think the reason he is so good is that he takes his time to massage away knotted muscle spasms with "trigger point" massage before the adjustment. Because the muscles are relaxed, he uses less force to adjust my back and neck. He's the best. He helped my wife recover from neck injuries from  a bad rear end collision and keeps her back and neck healthy. Chiropractic is a lot safer than surgery, and should be your first step to solving back pain. Dr Rosen really cares about his patients, and goes the extra time and effort to solve their problems. He's a keeper."- MR

"After years of chronic pain and debilitating lack of mobility that was so bad I couldn’t sleep at night or exercise, I finally got quick, complete relief in just a few visits with Dr. Rosen.  I’d experienced chiropractic care in the past, but didn’t get anywhere close to the wholesale, fast relief I achieved through Dr. Rosen’s trigger point therapy.  With my renewed mobility came a sense of liberation and excitement at the thought of living my life without pain.  Now I sleep well, I exercise a lot and have lost 30 pounds.  Thank you Dr. Rosen!" - HY

"I first started seeing Dr. Rosen when my lower back was aching from constantly holding my first child. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the treatments and my back and body hadn't felt this good and pain free in years. I am now pregnant with my third child and continue to see Dr. Rosen on a regular basis for continuing maintenance, which has helped minimize the aches and pains that come along with pregnancy. In addition, I also really appreciate Dr. Rosen's availability for same day call in appointments to accommodate my busy schedule." - KB

"I have been coming to Dr Rosen since having my son 6 years ago. I love the combination of trigger point massage coupled with Chiropractic adjustment.  It has completely restored my body to a healthy functioning point. I come in intermittently as I need attention. Dr Rosen and his lovely staff are always welcoming. It's lovely to have such a committed and knowledgeable professional  at our fingertips here in Wilton!" - BDC

"Dr. Rosen's treatments have enabled me to continue to participate in sports at an advanced level and to recover quickly from several orthopaedic sugeries" - CPF‏

"If your backbone is ouching for attention, bring it directly to Dr. Rosen.  He is careful, kind, thorough and, most of all, effective in targeting and treating aching backs. He certainly identified and zeroed in on the right zone to give me relief." - OHS

"I recently made an emergency visit to Dr. Rosen's office due to a severe neck pain. Even though it was a Saturday morning, and I had no appointment, he and his staff were very accommodating. Dr. Rosen treated me that same morning and completely cured the pain. I tried other Chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Rosen is by far the best!" - MS

"Though I recently moved from Connecticut, Dr. Rosen is still so helpful to me and remains very interested in my health.  Additionally, with my osteoporosis, he wants to make sure I stay on a quality vitamin regiment, so I continue to order my vitamins through Dr. Rosen.  While I miss seeing him, I know Dr. Rosen is still there to take care of me!" - AVE

"Dr. Rosen has the hands of Hercules.  They get deep into my back muscles, to the pain that stretching and pills can't touch.  I've seen many chiropractors over the years of my moving around the east coast, and Dr. Rosen is by far the best I've worked with." - JR

"I have been a grateful patient of Dr. Rosen for over 20 years, and he has always been helpful in determining what treatments are best for me.  He is always mindful of my concerns; is gentle and his treatments work." - SF

"Like many people I paid little attention to proper postures or lifting techniques when I was younger.  As a result, I developed a lower back pain that prevented me from doing the things I enjoyed most, like gardening, woodworking, and golf.  About a year ago I decided to do something about it and started visiting Dr. Rosen regularly.  It was the best decision I made.  To be sure, the treatment doesn’t restore your body to that of a 20 year old, but it does give you back your life.  My next project?  a pergola over our deck." - FC

"I wanted to say how impressed I am with Dr. Rosen's office.  The staff is very nice and helpful!  My sincere appreciation and warmest thanks to Dr. Rosen for his patience, and for understanding the foundation of chiropractic....Wellness.  Your commitment to helping me and other heal means so much and I am grateful." - EF

"Dr, Rosen has helped me with several physical problems. The results were better than I ever experienced with other doctors. I highly recommend him. Dr. Rosen is a highly skilled and extremely compassionate physician." - SD

"I have been a patient of Dr. Elihu Rosen for many years and can say that my visits to his offices are always rewarding in terms of relief from various pains but also for his kind, humorous manner, knowledge and friendly courteous office staff.  I highly recommend his services." - RR

"I started coming to Dr. Elihu Rosen for chiropractic care quite a few years ago. Usually, when I came to see him, I could barely walk due to muscle strain in my back caused by just regular activities, such as sneezing, or doing a chore, such as vacuuming under the bed. Within a week's time of treatment, I had improved significantly, ready to resume all usual activities. If you are experiencing similar pains, I suggest a visit to Dr. Rosen in Wilton, CT." -

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